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(Sometimes Graphic) Designer. Working on a PhD: Design Thinking +/= Heterogeneous Engineering. General flâneur. Chronic knowledge gatherer.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Bruno Latour Audio/Visual Archive

As engaging and thought provoking as Bruno Latour's texts are, his ideas and thinking can sometimes be more digestible delivered by natural means of audio and visual communication. I've collected some of Latour's more interesting talks into a single place, which sometimes require a little bit more digging to find than a single search on YouTube. Many of these videos take angle at things from his later "modes of existence" work, but the general principles of the actor-network theory that Latour is known for is (arguably) present in everything. A similar compilation is available at Anthem group (The Actor-Network Theory – Heidegger Meeting), although it has not been updated with talks after 2012.

Climate Change: How to Make the Paris Climate Conference Work, An Alternative Procedure Koln, June 15 2015

How to Better Register the Agency of Things at Yale University, March 26-28 2014

Part 1: Semiotics

Part 2: Ontology

Part 3: Roundtable discussion with Bruno Latour, Daniel Kevles, Joanna Radin, Adam Tooze, and Philip Gorski

The Affects of Capitalism at Royal Library, The Black Diamant, February 26 2014

University of Bergen UiB: Bruno Latour (2013)

The Relativist

Social Science in Science

The Modes of Existence project: An exercise in collective inquiry and digital humanities at University of Cambridge, 6 November 2012

Ecological Crises, Digital Humanities and New Political Assemblies at Azim Premji University, 23 March 2012

Reenacting Science at Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin, February 20 2012

From Critique to Composition at DCU School of Communications, 17 February 2012

Networks, Societies, Spheres: Reflections of an Actor-network theorist, 19 February 2010


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